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A Note from the Leadership of ZDC

Apostle’s fast this year has been accompanied by an unprecedented amount of spiritual demand and activity. As a matter of fact, we are hard pressed to see any distinction whatsoever in her travel schedule, her recording regime, her voracity with which she teaches, preaches, and prays – even her renown swimming – nothing has abated during this time of total fasting.

In addition to her daily schedule, as you have enjoyed, Apostle has taken on the writing of her blog entries which are often exhaustive and encyclopedic. On this day, it is clear to the leadership of our House that Apostle is tired and pushing too hard. We have asked her to release herself from writing today so she can regenerate herself with some rest and prayer – and return to invite you back into this ongoing journey as the Lord speaks to her intimately, and globally, concerning where we, the Church, stand in time.

Thank you for your understanding. Spend some time reviewing a previous blog, reading the accompanying scripture, and allow the Lord to speak to you in your studies concerning it.

Love you!

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