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Good Afternoon Apostle!

I just wanted to encourage you to keep on keepin on!  You are doing a great Job! I love the Radio Broadcast 'The Future Is Now'. After listening to you on the program, I could sense that you are very, very tired. Don't give up, do not give in no matter how things may look on the outside---God is working!

Your faith is to be your guide, not your feelings, etc. Everything is based upon what you believe! Radio is a powerfull tool, so keep up the good work.

I thank God for you, for your voice holding up the standard of Holiness as we once knew Holiness to be modeled. You are not alone in the fight to see corruption take flight and get out of the midst of the Body of Christ. I am thankful for the fasting, and being reminded on a daily basis to lift up a standard and model God according to His Word based on Holiness.

Have a great rest of your day!

Anonymous Listener

I will send an Offering or Gift of Love as soon as I can. Thanks again for encouraging soooo many people; the laborer truly is worthy of his hire, and I will not take advantage of your labor by benefitting from the fasting and teaching, etc. and not send you a love gift!




Dear Apostle:


WOW!!! First, may I say that your photo on this piece is so appropriate, peaceful, dramatic, definitive, distinguished -looking, apostolic, no-nonsense, formidable and so much more, too. Thank you for being a vessel of trustworthiness and honor!!!


The message has clarity, transparency and infused with applicability. Thanks for providing a source of comfort and joy for those who have an overwhelming need for healing. Yes, there really is a BALM in GILEAD to heal the wounded soul.  

Continue to plant seeds which will become trees under whose shade you may never sit. Your words have a rippling effect. Some plant, some water but it is God Who will give the increase in your life and the lives of others. In God's jurisdiction, "all lives matter". Cheers!!!


Covenant Love,

SJP, Oklahoma




The blog has truly been a blessing!  The Word of the Lord is AWESOME and the revelation God has given to Apostle has been AMAZING!  I have been blessed, challenged, and convicted. Thank you for sharing with us.


Shelia, Ann Arbor




Apostle's writings on grief and the subconscious part 1 has allowed me to not only be healed, but to be able to minister to a friend who came to me with some deep seated neglect, abuse, and rejections issues lodged in the crevices of her subconscious. These things had accumulated from many years of past experiences. Although she is a very intellectual and professional person, the maladies of her mind had manifest themselves in her and had perverted her thinking. It was because of this writing that came just at the right time for us, from the revelations that God have given Apostle, that I was able to received insight and knew what was going on with my friend. It was this writing on the blog that brought forth the manifested healing that was needed, as we fasted and prayed all night before the Lord. Thank you Jesus for using Apostle and these writings to bring deliverance to those all over the world.



I am truly blessed by the line upon line messages. They are the spiritual food that I need and thirst for.


NDZ, Missouri




Dear Apostle, 


I cannot fully explain how much your 'Fasting Still Works Blog' has blessed me. To be able to be exposed to such revelation from the many experiences that you have had, enriches my life and my desire for all that is available to me by way of fasting and praying. Your rank, understanding and capabilities that have allowed your experiences in the spiritual realm, have enticed my hunger for greater spiritual sensitivity and acceleration. I was so enlightened by your visit from the 'Angelic Messengers', and I also took from that, that I too, (spiritually speaking) can be in a place that it is in the closing of my eyes, it will be the closing of that which I have previously known and experienced. And as I am fasting and being open to the Holy Spirit, I open my eyes and no longer will my receiving what is unknown and not yet experienced be hindered. Thank you Jesus!


Wow, there is so much insight and revelation in the information that you are giving us on this blog that I feel elevation even as I read it. In reading about 'Godly Sorrow that yields Repentance', the spirit of repentance came upon me and I experienced the spirit of repentance with Godly sorrow that I had previously initially experienced during my times of initially repenting and being Godly sorrowful. I was even taken to those same exact locations by way of the Spirit. I felt the power of God so strongly, just as when God had blessed and washed me in times past. I tell you, God poured out on and in me just as he had done initially. It was so good. This blog has emphasized to me not only the need for fasting and praying, but also the benefits of being able to experience a 'munificent generosity' (words of Apostle) of the Holy Spirit.


Let me tell you, this blog will awaken you to become more alerted to the time, seasons and places of where God’s presences and revelation is taking place. Thank You Apostle Lynn’ Da Threat for sharing with us and giving us the opportunity to grow and desire more of His Spirit, that comes from a fasting and praying lifestyle.


EJJ, Michigan


an addendum


This is Pastor Ingrid. I wanted to place a little addendum on Apostle's blog concerning the intense, elevated, and productive spirit and anointing of prayer that has accompanied our fast during this month. As many of you have heard on the broadcast, we have had corporate prayer October 12, and look forward to welcoming you on the 19th and 26th.


From the moment I first met Apostle, I have had a great deal of respect and gratitude for the anointing of prayer that is upon her life. Everywhere she is sent, she is used by God to establish the 'strongman' of prayer – in lives individually, as well as in the important corporate work of houses and ministries across this nation and beyond.


This month's prayer has been staggering. Literally prolific. The language, the articulation, the perpetual decree, the bludgeoning blows to the adversary, the victorious heights of spiritual productivity. I shared on the broadcast last night that I have never felt the palpable exchange in the heavenlies like this before. It was as if angels were literally awaiting our words to carry them into realms where they perform and accomplish. Daniel 10:12, the angel of the Lord has indeed 'come for our words.'


Pray with me that the Lord would allow Apostle to release this prayer anointing for publication and distribution. It is timeless, without boundaries, praying you out of your past, into your present, and catapulting you into your future!


Call me if you want to join us for prayer and this is your first time driving or flying to our newest church plant in beautiful downtown Holland, Michigan! 616.994.8306.


Love you!

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