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Fasting Produces Spiritual Sensitivity

Hebrews 4:15 | The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me today regarding the hyper-sensitivity that is required to participate and facilitate the things of the Spirit.

It is a sensitivity that removes us from internal and external enemies that prohibit, camouflage, and distort what we need to experience the work of God through the feeling of our recreated spirit.

It is that spiritual sense by which external and eternal objects and forces are perceived and experienced. The discipline of fasting amplifies this ability. It does it by correcting us from how we have allowed our spirit, soul, and body to be abducted, inundated, and violated through lascivious indulgences, things that are not convenient for the development of a strong, spiritual presence.

Sensitivity is possessing the availability and willingness to remove ourselves from these things so we can perceive, understand, and comprehend change, shifts, differences, warnings, urgencies, and the obedience required for purpose. Many of us are walking out decades-old consequences of not being sensitive to the urgings of the Holy Spirit.

All believers possess, or should have, the spirit of discernment. Many possess a superior anointing in this gift that gives us an awareness and a cognizance of small, incremental degrees of change, discerning a change or a presence that is almost imperceptible save an acute spiritual sensitivity given by the Holy Spirit.

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