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So Great a Cloud of Witnesses

Hebrews 12:1 | Years ago I had an apostolic assignment in the Carolinas. Many who have frequented our house and been a part of our conferences have been privileged to hear this. I had traveled there to confirm the apostolic call and set in office a ministry gift.

While ministering at their church, an anointing of revelation beyond my then present experience was afforded me, and great dimensionality of my gift was manifested. The host pastor felt led of the Lord to introduce me to another ministry gift, and for us to luncheon. I welcomed it. It was a divinely orchestrated introduction.

The ministry gift asked me if I would be available to minister the Word of the Lord that following Sunday. Immediately I felt the release to do so. There were three in the apostolic team who accompanied me. The ministry gift's administrator instructed us as to the time to be ready – and according to my custom, we were assembled in the lobby with cars ready to follow their lead to the church.

As we were standing waiting to get into the car, a limousine pulled up – current to the year – and very well appointed. I said in passing, smiling, WOULDN’T IT BE SOMETHING, IF THAT LIMOUSINE IS FOR US?” The driver parked, opened the door, discerned that one of the members of the team was with me and asked, “Where is Apostle Lynn’Da Threat?” I approached the driver, stated that I was Apostle Lynn’Da Threat, and he responded saying, "I am here to collect you for service."

My mind was surprised but my spirit had a resident expectation of what had occurred. And that event would launch a history of events that day in my ministry that would reference and exemplify the miraculous power of God.

The driver escorted us to church. Throughout the morning service, we were in a high field of anointing, revelation, and supernatural demonstration. When service ended, we got back into the limo and we were escorted into the home of our hosts. It was a beautiful, large, spacious home where we were extravagantly received and lovingly honored. Every imaginable desire was anticipated and we fellowshipped until we were called to dinner. It was like a dream. I love china, flatware, crystal, and linens, and they had presented a beautiful table.

After dinner, we were to travel with our host to another ministry about 30 miles away. Into the limousine again. While I slept and meditated, I was overcome by God’s munificent generosity and I fell into a semi-sleep and came into vision. This is what I saw:

There was a very large church that sat upon a hill, probably built in the 1800s, with a very tall steeple, a bell tower, stain glass windows, artisan masonry, and a hitching post for horses. As I slipped from my vision, we arrived at a church I had never been to before and realized I was seeing in the natural what I had just seen in the vision – but because I wasn’t fully released from the vision yet, I wasn’t sure what reality I was experiencing. I then saw this man and woman I assumed were husband and wife – dressed in their 18th century attire – looking weary and exhausted, but having a joyful expectation. They said to me, "We saw you, we knew you were coming to finish and to bring the conclusion of an anointing and assignment we were not able to complete."

Fully awake now, and interpreting all that God had given me, I knew then that the region was experiencing wars, difficulties, and a deficit. My ministry that night would cause the wars to cease and supply what was lacking and what was mandatorily necessary for that region to move forward.

The miracle continues. As the team and I stepped into the church, we experienced wonderful hospitality, all of us escorted to a suite where $1,000 checks were given to each of those accompanying me. These pastors said they observed the manner in which the team had served me - that it was evident that they had been well trained, and that they had great love, honor and respect for me, and they wanted to bless them for their example. The pastors gave me a full release to minister in my gift without restrictions, as they had previously been in attendance a few days before in another service. After asking me to come, they returned to prepare their people. They were in very great readiness when we arrived.

Upon my introduction, I experienced a familiar presence of an angel who, whenever he is present, I know that I am going into a heightened place of an anointing. The angel escorted me out of my seat and to a dimensional realm of revelation where I was released to give third heaven utterance. I began to speak and it was an almost indefinable anointing. I felt the presence of those who had preceded me and the work that they had done. In Genesis, the Lord said to Cain, "What have you done? the voice of your brother's blood cries out to Me from the ground." The walls, the pews, the windows, the corridors of this church – they spoke to me of a work that had been done. I could hear the voices, the echoes reverberated, I felt the presence of prayers, the spirit of miracles, the earnest, the hunger, the desire for the things of the Spirit. I had been selected, assigned and given the responsibility to conclude the strenuous labor, the sacrifices, and the work unfinished, by placing into the heavenlies that which was lacking, thus completing a battle and ending a war that had still existed.

I yet have no words to describe that experience. I share this story with you to say that, since that time, I have had very similar experiences in states and places all over the nation. I have experienced this in Virginia, Alabama, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, California – and this is what the Lord is showing me. There are going to be conferences, gatherings and meetings that are sovereignly appointed in those cities, many times in the same place or near that place where previous moves of God have occurred – because what was started was not finished. And God will use His end-time holy apostles and prophets to finish those works. Those places are designated to again be revisited before the last day move and before our Lord's soon return - and what was done there will be a greater manifestation of signs, wonders, miracles, heroic deeds, infallible proofs, notable acts.

Another experience: About 25 years ago, I took a trip to California just to get away. One of the senior saints went with me. Because of my background and history in women’s studies, I have been compelled to study the lives of women, pioneers, and trailblazers in the arts, sciences, politics, and ministry. One of my favorites is Aimee Semple McPherson. Upon our arrival in LAX and after renting the car, we decided to go to Angelus Temple. I’m glad we obeyed the Lord and went because we were able to see the original church before it was remodeled.

When I arrived, it was still the original architecture, both inside and out - the pews, the pulpits, and the balconies. The canes, crutches and wheel chairs were all affixed to the walls. We went into the bookstore and it was still designed in the original art deco from the 20's and 30's. Before we came, in we noticed this old white Rambler parked outside, and as we walked into the bookstore, we saw a senior lady with cute little spectacles, a 50's shirt dress, a cardigan, a single strand of pearls, and her beautiful silver hair in a bun. She looked at us very intently but warmly, and because I love seniors – especially those from classic Pentecostalism – I couldn’t wait to ask questions. She told me later her name was Lucy.

I purchased books, pamphlets, some of Sister Aimee's republished sermon notes, pictures, and original sheet music. I asked Lucy if she knew Sister Aimee, and with a face aglow, a smile, the recollection of fond memories, and with a grateful response, she said, "Yes." I said, "May I ask how?" She said she had been her secretary and travel companion. I can't tell you how favored we felt! She began to share with us about Sister Aimee's personality, her call, her anointing, and her difficulties. She gave us a tour of Sister Aimee's offices and her onsite parsonage where she resided during conferences, special meetings, and extended fasts. It was extravagantly appointed - it was just like going to the movies! She shared more with us about Angeles Temple, Echo Park and the Azusa meetings.

And as if it couldn’t get any better than this, when we returned downstairs, Lucy pointed across the room, and there stood a tall, stocky, gray-haired senior man. She asked us, "Do you know who that is?" I said, "No." "That is Rolph McPherson, Sister Aimee's son." I respectfully asked them if they would lay hands on us and transfer the anointing that was so palpable and present, and they did. We were overcome by it the rest of the day!

During this time of fasting, I feel deeply moved by the Lord to summon, awaken and assign prophetic intercessors, supplicants, warriors, and watchers, to be alerted to the times, seasons, and places where these great moves are to again return - and that nothing would prevent or hinder these things from taking place, nor sabotage the people by whom this anointing is to be administrated. I adjure you that knowing and obediently responding to the Spirit of God is of vital importance.

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