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Godly Sorrow that Yields Repentance

2 Corinthians 7:9 | Many in the Body of Christ have not experienced the kind of repentance that the call of God necessitates and His holiness requires.

Avarice, pride, arrogance, lasciviousness, evil concupiscence, vanities, vain and wicked imaginations, indulgences, self-entitlements, hypocrisies, our lifestyles, and wicked delusions about who and what we think we are have seared our spirits. There is a hardness, a callousness that has grown over our sensitivities making us almost impenetrable to the sensitivity of the Spirit. We are like sedentary rock, hard like flint, that only prolonged and protracted seasons of fasting and prayer, rebuke and correction can water, soften, induce, break up the fallow ground, and introduce the required, godly sorrow that worketh repentance.

This kind of godly sorrow is interpreting and discerning where and how our disobedience has affected the local, regional, and global plan of God.

Often, godly sorrow manifests in humility, brokenness, contriteness, and acknowledgement without justification. You collapse, you resign. There are sounds of deep groanings, wailings, uncontrollable tears, and sobs from deep in the caverns and the inner sanctions of our spirit and soul - pleading, desiring, and expecting to receive forgiveness and reconciliation.

In my personal experience during this kind of purging, I feel my spirit, soul and body being chastised.

Without godly sorrow that worketh repentance, catalyzed by the fusion of fasting and prayer, we have perpetuated the example and model that carnal function affords success and the praise of man. We are unaware that it invokes the judgment of God.

It is only then, when godly sorrow overtakes us, that we can be reconciled and experience the acquittal and forgiveness of sin that only Jesus Christ and His Blood can provide.

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