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Therefore Let Us Not Sleep

1 Thessalonians 5:6-8 | As I was in twilight sleep I was aware that I was in something likened to a coma – aware of what was occurring around me, but unable to move or rouse. I wanted desperately to come out of it, but as I inquired of this state, the Spirit of the Lord told me to be silent in my mind, and still with my body.

Angels then came and had buckets of water. The buckets were completely transparent and so was the water – the only thing that made me realize it was water was the fluidity and the movement that I saw.

Viewing this water from the comatose state, I could see that it was heavy, light, and dense, all at the same time – it was iridescent, and it sparkled and glistened, and it was always moving. It had a very faint violet-blue cast. It's aroma was a sweetness unlike anything I have ever smelled.

The angels began to pour this water on me. It flowed over the contours of my body and I was completely surrounded and upheld by this water. I felt it over every fiber of my being, and I felt it in places I never knew had a sense of feeling. Then I was awakened and released from the coma.

I needed the interpretation about what had occurred, and I asked the Lord what it was. He told me it was the Water of Life's Living Water. When it was poured over me, it was impervious to gravitational pull, yet it was moving, flowing, covering me, and it never fell to the floor.

The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said again that it was the Water of Life's Living Water, and that because I was in receipt of it, I would be a conduit to release the provision of the Water of Life's Living Water for those who are asleep, those who are in spiritual comas – the first stages of death – and that in my ministry, demonstrating what I experienced, they too would awaken.

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